History, activities, service description.

We have initiated ship agency service in year of 1999 being the agency department of major chartering and freight-forwarding company “Azov-Chart” in Mariupol, Berdyansk and Odessa Sea ports. The quantity of processed vessels reached 25-30 each month. At the same time company management successfully developed and realized liner rebates project, which resulted increasing amount of processed vessels and was approved by many ship owners.

In December, 2002, “Azov-Chart” agency department transformed into a separate limited company named “REM Shipping”, which retained described market share and customers. Young and perspective management specialists were engaged. Together with experienced colleagues they have much improved company service level. We’ve concluded treaties with such major chartering and ship owning companies as Duferco, Stemcor, Salzgitter, Intergate, Fadi A Debahy, Vertigo, Fednav, Martrade, etc. In common efforts with Ilyich Iron and Steel Works (Mariupol), mentioned and other charterers and freight-forwarding company “Azov-Chart” a logistic scheme was developed, which allowed speeding up dispatches significantly and avoiding unexpected delays of vessels and shipment. This scheme enabled (producer of steels – Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, forwarder – “Azov-Chart”, ship agent – “REM Shipping”) revealed positive results and deserved extremely high valuation from all its elements.

Besides, REM Shipping management developed tight relationship with Mariupol port authorities and major important persons at Mariupol port, which allows to find a proper way out of nearly any possible situation that may arise during vessel’s stay at Mariupol and avoid any delays of vessels at port. For instance, our company became the first one among others with more than 300 vessels processed solely at Mariupol port during year of 2004.

As for other Ukrainian ports, we offer our agency service via reliable partners – subagents, which are working with us since our establishment. This also concerns Kerch channel passage via Ukrainian side (allowed draft 8.0 m max) and via Russian side (allowed draft 3,5 m max) with considerable rebates.

Apart from port authorities and management, leading forwarding, shipchandler, repair and certification companies are among our reliable partners. All services are presented according to International regulations.

Our company has its own automobile transport, as we prefer not to be dependant on vehicles which are assigned by port, which allows to speed up the formalities greatly.

Therefore we render a complete set of services concerning vessels call to Mariupol and other Ukrainian ports starting from passage via Kerch channel and to finish with vessels’ sailing from Azov Sea. Same level of service is presented at any Ukrainian port via subagents.

Presently thanks to maintaining policy of establishment of new contacts and new schemes of rendering more higher level of service development, our company progress continues.

Our aim is to render most operative, comfortable and highest possible level of service, which can be arranged nowadays. We do not stop at what is accomplished by now and constantly improve ourselves.

We welcome anyone to mutually beneficial cooperation!